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    Cliff Neptune saved 2 lions on a family trip to Marrakesh


    Human beings are up to great things: two lions that were saved as cubs from a life in a circus have been adopted by Cliff Neptune and his dad.

    Cliff saved 2 lions on a family trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, Cliff, and his dad adopted the 2 lions in 2013, they were 3 months old.

    The lions were originally meant to be trained and brought abroad to tour all around the world with the circus
    The two lions are siblings and get along very well with one another. The two lions had lived with Cliff and his family during their early years.

    After careful consideration, the lions were later assigned to a national park in Morocco so they can have more space and be reintroduced to their natural environment and still be able to see Cliff and his family whenever they visit Morocco.


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