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    Churches using CEA in range of outreach projects

    Many people who do not attend church are not yet ready to talk about the Christian faith or respond to an invitation to church, but some will contact CEA or look at the evangelistic website if they are given the opportunity.

    Diocesan and individual church websites are increasingly including a link to rejesus and CEA. One of the latest is

    Churches Together in St Agnes gave free bottles of cold water to sunbathers on the beach. The relabelled bottles had the words ‘Spiritually Thirsty?’, a Bible verse, an invitation to church and to CEA /

    Rock Around the Church with Cannon and Ball (pictured above) was staged by churches in Darlington and everyone received a ‘God’s love’ Contact Card with response to CEA and rejesus. Each card was coded so the churches can be involved in follow up.

    Contact Christian Enquiry Agency for more details about these initiatives and the help available for your church outreach.

    Fun and food: great ideas for Christmas and Easter

    Christmas and Easter offer great opportunities to tell the story of Jesus. Here are two resources to help everyone offer the good news. One is brand new, the other is selling like hot – buns!

    CHRISTMAS: the unfolding story is a new little book for families by Scripture Gift Mission (SGM). The fun, fold-out design brings the Christmas story to life for children and parents alike, telling events through the eyes of a whole cast of characters. Ideal for using alongside Christmas services, school and community events, and nativity plays.

    “The unfolding story is a great way for parents and children to read and explore the Christmas story together, and inside is an invitation to find out more from Christian Enquiry Agency. We’re delighted that CEA is working with us on this exciting new resource”, said Danielle Welch, SGM International Product Development. For supplies and ideas see or tel. 020 7730 2155.

    Easter is hot cross bun time and some churches have been giving buns to passers-by with a special serviette telling the Easter story.

    Linda Ashford, District Evangelism and Mission Enabler for the Methodist Church in Staines, had the idea, produced the serviettes and now sells over 30,000 a year to churches.”This is something everyone can do – set up a stall outside your church and give passers-by a bun and a serviette. It’s a great conversation starter”, said Linda.

    The serviettes have the question, ‘Why a cross on a Hot Cross Bun?’ and the words of John 3 v 16, together with an invitation to church, the offer of a free magazine about Jesus from Christian Enquiry Agency and help on

    Contact CEA for details of where to get serviettes.

    So who is this Jesus? – now out on DVD

    The highly acclaimed and popular video ‘So who is this Jesus?’ presented by Russell Boulter is now on DVD with a great deal of new extra content.

    The DVD of the award-winning video which has extra content including people telling their faith stories.

    Produced by the Christian Television Association (CTA) and filmed in the Holy Land, the video features Russell, who’s appeared on TV in Casualty and Where The Heart Is, telling what he has discovered about Jesus Christ in a way that is inviting and compelling.

    The DVD features more in-depth explanation about the Christian faith including 20 questions answered by Dr Paul Blackham of All Souls Langham Place, London; the story of one time gang leader Brian Russ; and an offer of information from Christian Enquiry Agency. “Many churches are giving away the video in door to door outreach. UK sales have exceeded 100,000 and 6,500 have gone to schools. We hope the DVD will be seen by many more people and the extra content, including help from CEA, used to enable them to get to know Jesus”, said Malcolm Turner, director of Christian Television Association.For copies of the DVD or video contact CTA at 01275 851222 or Deo Gloria Resources 020 8651 6246.

    Real life stories that connect

    “So many Christians long to share their faith but don’t know where to start. These real life stories will arouse interest and encourage people to think about Christian faith without feeling preached at”, said Revd Dennis Pethers, director Viz-A-Viz.

    More To Life

    The magazine and video/DVD are for churches to use with their contacts and for door-to-door visitation. A response opportunity to Christian Enquiry Agency and is included for those not yet ready to go to church. There’s also a project guide and training materials for churches. For details contact Viz-A-Viz 01268 530531.

    Success for postcard outreach partnership

    Hundreds of people are contacting Christian Enquiry Agency to ask about God as a result of the new range of Contact Cards launched in 2003.

    The cards, given out by individual Christians and used by churches for outreach, tackle the key issues of stress, love, forgiveness and satisfaction. It’s the ‘Under Pressure’ card that is attracting the most interest, which is not surprising. The government’s Health and Safety Executive reports that “stress is a huge problem in the workplace”, and a recent survey by ‘Complicated Lives’ showed that millions of us are experiencing all-time high levels of anxiety.

    Each card has striking graphics and thought-provoking words plus a verse from the Bible inside, an invitation to click on the evangelistic website and a tear-off response section to Christian Enquiry Agency. Picture Postcard Monthly has even featured the cards and says they are great. “These are postcards which deliver a message and which do so in a modern and clever way.”

    The highly creative Contact Cards are produced in partnership with Scripture Gift Mission and Deo Gloria Resources. They are ideal to give to friends, use in door-to-door outreach, put on a church welcome desk, place in coffee shops … anywhere it is possible to place a postcard for people to take. For details and a sample card send the coupon on the back page or visit A special message to stressed commuters.

    For details and a sample card click here.

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