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    Christianity Today selects top stories for year

    What were the top religion news stories of 1996? The editors and news writers of Christianity Today magazine selected their list of 10 top stories for their Jan. 6, 1997 issue. Here they are:

    1. Worldwide persecution of Christians increases.
    2. Black church arsons trigger new focus on racism.
    3. Romer v. Evans ruling bolsters homosexual-rights movement.
    4. Partial-birth abortion veto override fails.
    5. New Era bankruptcy agreement forged.
    6. Central African conflicts limit Christian relief.
    7. Episcopal Church rocked by heresy trial, clergy misconduct.
    8. Welfare reform includes “charitable choice.”
    9. Promise Keepers expands, reviving Christian men’s movements.
    10. Call to Renewal forms as alternative to Christian Coalition.

    — E.P. News

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