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    Christian men¹s event featuring Cole, McCartney here March 25

    Christian Men¹s Network has conferences throughout the world with one goal: to ³grow² the local church.

    The men¹s ministry will hold a Greater San Diego Men¹s Event, ³Daring the Heart of a Warrior,² on Saturday, March 25, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Living Way Church in Poway.

    ³Our purpose is to be a catalyst in the lives of men, which will help transform the local church,² said Paul Louis Cole, founder of the ministry that was established by his father, Dr. Ed Cole.

    Ed Cole, known as the ³father of the men¹s movement,² died several years ago, but the ministry is strong under his son¹s leadership and participation of others such as Bill ³Coach² McCartney.

    McCartney, who stepped down as president of Promise Keepers two years ago, will be one of the speakers in Poway on March 25. Others will be Paul Louis Cole, Bishop Dale Browner of Atlanta, and Robert Barriger, a humble surfer from San Diego who went on to pastor a church of 10,000 in Lima, Peru.

    Registration cost is $35 per person and there are also group rates. There is a also special price of $10 for young men 19 and under. The young men will also be able to participate in sessions with WWF wrestling champion Sting. For details, call (858) 486-1441 or 1-888-703-1204. Or visit

    Cole said the organization is really not a parachurch group, but is a servant ministry.

    ³Our goal is to help church ministries. That¹s where growth is going to happen,² he said. ³Men don¹t pray and they don¹t read the Bible. If we can get them to do it, it will change their marriages, their church and their community.²

    Bruce Balcombe, pastor of Way of Life Church in Spring Vallley, said he appreciates the men¹s ministry because of the strong curriculum developed by Dr. Louis Cole. ³It¹s tremendously applicable for men today,² he said.

    ³It¹s important to reach men in order to reach our community and society,² Balcombe noted. ³The idea behind the ministry is to help the local pastor motivate his guys. It gives tools to get in the right direction and jump-start a men¹s ministry. Individuals can also participate and grow, but the greatest benefit is for the local church.²

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