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    Christian leaders ask two million to fast, pray 40 days for revival


    Campus Crusade for Christ founders Bill and Vonette Bright and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) founder Pat Robertson are joining hundreds of additional Christian leaders in challenging at least two million Christians in America to participate in “PrayUSA! ’98” – 40 days of fasting and prayer for revival. The nationwide event will be held March 1 – April 9.

    Individuals, families, and churches throughout the United States are currently registering their intentions to participate in “PrayUSA! ’98.” On March 1, participants will begin praying and fasting through a 40-day prayer calendar for America’s churches, their pastors, and leaders. “PrayUSA! ’98” is an initiative of Mission America and a part of the national fasting and prayer movement seeking revival in America.

    “Bill and Vonette Bright have been at the forefront of a nationwide movement of fasting and prayer for revival,” said Eddie Smith, national coordinator for PrayUSA! ’98. “We are thrilled to have them joining with us as honorary chairmen. The Brights and Campus Crusade for Christ bring a ministry partnership of proven integrity and leadership. We praise God that we are able to work together as we call on the church in America to seek the Lord in unity.”

    Bill Bright has been encouraging Christians to pray and fast for personal and nationwide revival since 1994, when he completed his first of four 40-day fasts. He said, “In this critical hour, nothing is more important than fasting, praying, repenting, and seeking God’s face. Our nation is in a moral free fall and desperately needs God’s intervention. But we are helpless to do anything ourselves. Only God can do it and we need His help. ‘PrayUSA!’ is from God’s own heart and right in the center of His precious will.”

    Robertson said fasting and prayer for revival is necessary because the nation has strayed from God’s plan. “We have gone so far away from the fundamental teachings of the Lord that there’s an urgent need for a spiritual revival in America,” noted Robertson.

    Why fasting? Robertson explained, “It says to us and it says to God we mean business. It shows we’re willing to leave our secular pursuits and the normal indulgences of our bodies to let our spirits take ascendancy for a period of time.”

    Participants in “PrayUSA! ’98” will be encouraged to include fasting as they join in prayer during the 40-day period. The biblical discipline of fasting has seen renewed interest in recent years as Christians around the nation forgo food for one to 40 days.

    “Fasting with a pure heart and motives brings personal revival and adds power to our prayers,” said Bright. “The purpose of fasting is to humble ourselves before God as we recognize our sins, repent, receive God’s forgiveness, and experience His cleansing of our soul and spirit.”

    “PrayUSA! ’98” is just one aspect of a growing movement of fasting and prayer for revival. Annual “Fasting & Prayer” gatherings are held in the fall, and last year the Nov. 12-14 event drew thousands of Christians to Dallas, while reaching many more through nearly 3,000 satellite downlink sites nationwide.

    – E.P. News

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