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    Christian Coalition has record fundraising year


    The Christian Coalition, a conservative Christian public policy organization, reported Dec. 10 that it raised nearly $27 million in 1996, an increase of 36 percent over the previous year and a 17 percent increase over the $21.2 million raised in 1994. Christian Coalition fundraising tends to be more successful in election years.

    Christian Coalition funding comes from an estimated 1.3 million grassroots members. The Christian Coalition is a non-partisan organization, but because of its conservative social agenda its efforts generally aid Republican candidates.

    A major expense during the year was the preparation and distribution of an estimated 46 million voter guides for the November election, which were distributed through over 126,000 churches.

    “Our contributions have skyrocketed and it is clear that 1996 is a record fundraising year for us,” said Ralph Reed, executive director of the Christian Coalition. “Clearly these numbers reflect an explosive momentum at the grassroots level.”

    The organization is being sued by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), which is challenging its tax-exempt status. Similar lawsuits by the FEC, also dealing with issue-oriented voter education material, have been defeated in past years. Reed added, “Despite the left’s numerous attacks on our voter guides and massive direct mail efforts to churches around the country urging them to disassociate themselves from the Christian Coalition, their attempts backfired dramatically.”

    — E.P. News

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