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    Choice Home Warranty Review and Prices


    Choice Home Warranty ties for the No.1 spot in our Best Home Warranty Companies of 2023, alongside Liberty Home Guard. Founded in 2008, the New Jersey-based company offers home warranty plans in all U.S. states except Washington. The company has two coverage options for homebuyers and sellers alike, with a handful of a-la-carte add-ons. In exchange for a monthly fee, its customers can avoid being fully on the hook for repairs and replacements of eligible household components and take advantage of a network of affiliated service providers.





    #1 in Best Home Warranty Companies of 2023 (tie)



    • Straightforward plan structures

    • Flat rate service fee

    • Response time of four hours for a service request


    • Can’t choose your service provider

    • Small list of optional add-on coverages

    • Not available in Washington


    Choice Home Warranty offers two plans for customers, Basic and Total, that provide coverage for a variety of appliances and home systems. Customers won’t get to choose their own contractors, but the company maintains a network of over 25,000 affiliated contractors and makes contact within four hours of requesting service. Like many of its competitors, Choice accepts claims 24/7/365.

    Choice has a guarantee on serviced household components that is longer than that of many other home warranty companies, with a 60-day guarantee for workmanship and a 90-day guarantee for parts.

    Choice doesn’t require a home inspection or maintenance record prior to purchasing coverage. Lastly, it charges a flat rate of $85 per service call, rather than a variable rate like other companies in our rating.


    The Bottom Line:

    Choice Home Warranty offers near nationwide availability (except Washington) and has just two plans for homeowners to choose from. Its max coverage plan is comparable in price to others in our rating and protects a home’s major appliances and systems. However, the add-on features are limited.




    Choice Home Warranty’s two plans cover a variety of household items. Rather than organizing its plans as either built-in systems or household appliances only, as some home warranty companies do, Choice uses a tiered combination structure with two levels of coverage. As is common for home warranty companies, Choice’s pricing varies depending on location, home size, and building type. To compare rates from the companies in our Best Home Warranty Companies of 2023 rating, we used a sample 2,345 square foot townhouse in Austin, Texas.

    Choice’s Basic Plan is the company’s least comprehensive home warranty option and starts at $46.67 per month ($560.00 annually). The Basic Plan covers only the household essentials: heating, electrical, and plumbing systems; built-in kitchen appliances (except the refrigerator); and ductwork, fans, and garage door openers. It also covers whirlpool bathtubs.

    The Total Plan starts at $55.00 per month ($660.00 annually). It covers everything included in the Basic Plan and tacks on several other key coverages: washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems. For further coverage, homeowners with either base plan can purchase any of the company’s individual add-ons. These include pool equipment, well pumps, and septic systems, to name a few.

    These prices put Choice toward the low end of the pack for cost among our top-rated home warranty companies, with only Cinch Home Services and First American Home Warranty offering lower monthly prices.

    One cost that’s consistent no matter the location or coverage plan is Choice’s $85 service fee (referred to by Choice as a “trade service call fee”). This is paid directly to the technician and, outcome aside, covers the cost of the home visit. With Choice Home Warranty, the only way this fee varies is if a specific discount or promotion is being applied.

    If you would like to learn more about what home warranties cover and don’t cover, read our What Does a Home Warranty Cover? guide.

    Between Choice’s two plans, they cover the following items. Except for the items indicated in this section with an asterisk, a Choice warranty applies to only one covered item or instance per yearly plan without additional fees being incurred.


    • AC system*

    • Ceiling and exhaust fans*

    • Ductwork*

    • Electrical system

    • Garbage disposal

    • Garage door opener*

    • Heating system*

    • Laundry appliances

    • Major kitchen appliances

    • Plumbing system and stoppages

    • Water heater



    Choice Home Warranty lists in its user agreements many household components or issues that it excludes from both its plan-based and a-la-carte coverage options, including:

    • Central vacuum ductwork, hoses, accessories, and blockages

    • Doorbell

    • Fireplaces

    • Pool accessories

    • Portable or above-ground pools and spas

    • Portable sump pumps

    • Rooftop or roof-level accessories

    • Roof preventative maintenance, partial replacement, and cracked or missing material

    • Septic leach lines, leach beds, field lines, lateral lines, and tile fields

    • Smoke detectors




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