What Channel Number is Reelz on Spectrum?

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What Channel Number is Reelz on Spectrum?

What Channel Number is Reelz on Spectrum?

‘Cord-cutting is now a norm’. Surely, you must have heard of this notion. In the domain of digital entertainment where streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are thriving, cable TV seems like a thing of the past. While cable TV might still have traditional roots attached to it, the regime has begun to mold and change itself from its original face. And one such example is of Charter Spectrum™.

But if your televisual cravings are more inclined towards Hollywood gossip and glitz, Reelz channel is the best pick for you.


Reelz – About The TV Channel

Formerly titled as Reelz Channel, Reelz is an American TV network owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. The channel launched in 2006 and is known locally for an all-around Hollywood gossip network. Reelz channel programming includes Hollywood scandals, reality TV shows, docu-series, movies, and acquired films.

The popularity of Reelz can be justified with one massive figure. As of 2015, the channel has managed to secure its availability across 68 million U.S. pay television households.

The Hubbard Broadcasting owned TV channel has two more sister channels as well.


Sister Channels

  • Ovation
  • All News Channel

What Channel Number is Reelz on Spectrum?

A movie marathon of Pixar movies on the weekend is great for family get-togethers. Tuning in to a reality TV show when the clock strikes 8 P.M. is a breather after a tiresome office day. And Hollywood blockbusters can salvage boredom at any time of the day. However, you can spice up your week with Reelz on Spectrum. You get your daily dose of gossip, the gloss and glamour of the Hollywood life as well as its glum scandalous side – all with the sole courtesy of Reelz.

If that sounds enticing to you and pulls you to becoming a potential Spectrum cable TV subscriber, you are in luck.

Whether you are currently a Spectrum TV subscriber or you are still in the middle of making up your mind, you should know your desired channel number for Reelz on Spectrum. You do not have to go on a Google search spree either. We have listed down prominent U.S. cities along with the subsequent Reelz channel numbers. In case you cannot find your city in the list, check the official Spectrum channel lineup.


For more details visit: Spectrum TV


What to Watch on Reelz?

Reelz’s programming has gone through a few tweaks here and there. The channel’s content originally circulated around Hollywood as it mainly aired informative programs on theatrical Hollywood movies. However, that soon changed. Now Reelz primarily airs entertainment programs like reality TV shows, acquired movies/shows, films as well as Hollywood-based documentaries. The network’s current programming lineup is an extensive one and it is mainly inclusive of documentaries on scandalous Hollywood events.


Take a look below and you might find something worthy of your interest.

Reelz Programming

Current Programming

  • ? CopyCat Killers
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of
  • Murder in the Family with Geraldo Rivera
  • Celebrity Page
  • Executed with Deborah Norville
  • Mobsters
  • Fortune Fights
  • The Price of Fame
  • Hollywood 911
  • Demons in the City of Angels
  • Women Behind Bars
  • Celebrity Legacies
  • Unabomber: In His Own Words


Upcoming Programming

  • Serial Psyche

To Conclude

If Hollywood glam and scandalous gossip become a tad bit repetitive for you, there are a plethora of Spectrum TV channels you can always skip to. For all-around Hollywood news and reality TV content, you get E! and TLC. In case you are craving premium-level entertainment, premium TV networks like EPIX and Cinemax can be the heroes of the hour.

So if you are yet to subscribe to a Spectrum TV package but are still skeptical about a few things, you can get in touch with Spectrum sales support. Simply relay your concern to the relevant Spectrum representative and lock yourself a Spectrum TV subscription!


  1. How can I subscribe to Spectrum bundles?

Visit here to subscribe to Spectrum bundles all-inclusive of high-speed internet, cable TV, and a home phone service.

  1. How do I check the daily programming schedule of the Reelz channel?

Visit Reelz.com for the complete official schedule.

  1. How do I contact Spectrum sales support?

Contact 1-855-423-0918 for all your service and subscription-related inquiries.


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