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    How to Study for CA Foundation Maths to Clear the Exam in the First Attempt?

    Numerous students find the CA Foundation Maths paper to be quite challenging. Despite students can quickly clear this paper with hard work and good practice, students are concerned about clearing the paper. Those with the science stream consider maths relatively simple (in contrast to the Accounting paper! ), while those with a Commerce background (particularly those who have not studied math) find the subject hard. To start your CA journey and score well in the CA Foundation result, you need to study well for the CA Foundation Business Mathematics paper.

    If you are a CA aspirant and believe maths is difficult, then you need to know that passing this paper is not tough. Yes, it is slightly challenging due to calculus and other topics. However, the ICAI Maths CA Foundation paper is scoring. Therefore, students must devote time to Maths and practice daily.

    Furthermore, Mathematics is just part of paper 3. Non-mathematics students can devote more attention to statistics and logical reasoning.

    Therefore, VSI Jaipur brings you a four-month study plan to cover the CA Foundation Maths syllabus and other tips to score well in this subject.

    Important Note* – Students can fill out the CA Foundation exam form for the June 2023 exams. The examination form will be available from Feb 3 to Feb 24, 2023.

    4 Months Study Plan For The CA Foundation Maths Paper

    The CA Foundation Maths Question Paper has three parts. The mathematics section includes eight topics, the logical reasoning category contains five, and the statistics portion has six.

    So here is how you can divide your four months into various phases for completing the CA Foundation syllabus,

    • Phase 1: The Initial Two Months
    • Phase 2: The Third Month
    • Phase 3: The Final Fourth Month

    Let us look at each phase of the four-month study plan.

    How to Prepare for Business Mathematics in the First 2 Months?

    The strategy for the initial two months is clear. Analyze the topics in sequence and in-depth. In general, you should switch between studying ideas and solving problems. That is, first understand a concept, and then solve problems relating to that concept. This combination of study and practice is the most effective technique to fix things in your memory.

    So give each topic of your CA Foundation Maths syllabus one week and try to cover the concepts and solve some problems to understand the topics better.

    Now, as you learn various concepts, you will encounter related formulas. So note down all the formulas in one place. Those formulae may come from matrices, permutations & combinations. Also, Calculus portions have a lot of basic and other formulas. Further, the statistics segment also has various formulas for the logical reasoning portion. You should also note down all the quick tips and tricks to crack the problems quickly.

    Have this formula sheet available to help you grasp (and remember!) them. This can save you a considerable amount of time. However, do not memorize these formulas until you understand their application. Otherwise, these things will create a mess, and you might create blunders while solving CA Foundation Maths Question Paper.

    Further, the concepts covered are related to one another. For instance, the Permutations and Combinations concepts have uses in the Probability chapter. So as you are studying, try to remember, understand, and interlink the concepts as you progress while covering the subject.

    CA Foundation Maths Study Tips for the 3rd Month 

    During the third month, dedicate your time to revising essential formulas and concepts. Further, at this point, you should understand some of the essential relationships between subjects within a section and cross sections! This will significantly assist you in seeing the work comprehensively instead of looking at each topic separately.

    Additionally, this is when you must practise many questions from each chapter and then prepare yourself for solving mock test papers.

    We hope that you must have given your best during the entire two months of preparing the whole syllabus. Do not worry if you cannot cover some concepts or 1-2 chapters. Additionally, by this three-month period, you must have a good understanding of your strengths and weakness in the math paper. So, focus on your strengths more and try to practice more of them. Additionally, try to practice those portions that you find challenging, and you will gradually become confident in some portions.

    Further, it is a wise option to have a strict timetable that you must follow to cover all the math concepts. So this will help you efficiently utilize your time and cover other subjects.

    What to do in the 4th Month? 

    So during the final month of your four-month study plan for CA Foundation Maths, you should focus entirely on solving mock and previous CA Foundation Maths Question Paper.

    So on the first week of your remaining four weeks, set aside two hours, mimic the examination setting, and give the test. Ensure there is no distraction and you are only focused on your question paper and solving the questions.

    After solving those question papers, check the CA Foundation Maths solutions. Analyze your weakness, your silly mistakes, and other problems that you made. Then, after this, spend your entire week addressing your weak areas and then again the next week, follow the same process.

    Appear for a mock test and evaluate yourself. During the last days of your CA Maths paper, grab your formula sheet and try to recall all the formulas and applications.

    That’s all! Now be confident and appear for your exam.

    Paper Pattern of CA Foundation Maths

    It is essential that all students understand the paper format of the Foundation Maths exam. So, check out the CA Foundation paper pattern for the Maths exams.

    • Paper Pattern: Objective
    • Total number of questions asked: 100
    • Total exam time: 2 hours
    • Total Score: 100 ( Business Math: 40, Logical Reasoning: 20, and Statistics: 40).

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    We hope that this four-month CA Foundation Maths preparation strategy will help you prepare well. Additionally, remember that Mathematics isn’t that challenging; it is your mindset and preparation level. So keep your preparation strong, and for CA Foundation guidance and coaching, join VSI Jaipur.

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