BSTI quality certificate is mandatory for another 37 products

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Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has included 37 products including sweets, pressure cookers, LPG gas cylinders, microwave ovens under the mandatory quality certificate.

In the 38th meeting of the Council, the highest policy-making authority of the organization, at the head office of BSTI in Tejgaon today, it was decided to include 37 new products in the list of mandatory quality certificates. So far the number of products covered by BSTI’s mandatory quality certificate was 239. It will increase to 276 now.

Industries Minister and BSTI Council Chairman Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun presided over the meeting. First Vice Chairman of BSTI Council, Minister of State for Industry Kamal Ahmed Majumdar, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary of Industry Zakia Sultana, Director General of BSTI and Member Secretary of the Council were present. Abdus Satta and others.

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmood Humayun said BSTI has created a place of trust for all. BSTI should play a more active and important role in product quality control.

Apart from this, the Minister of Industry said to the businessmen that the mentality of becoming big people overnight has to be changed. The activities that many businessmen do are not ethical. He thinks they should be corrected.

The new products covered by the standard are – sweetmeats, pressure cookers, LPG gas cylinders, microwave ovens, bitumen and bituminous binders – polymer modified bitumen, UPS, green tea, soy sauce, chutneys, decorated cakes, malt based food. , Malt Drinks, Chhana, Cheeses, Whey Cheeses, Cream Cheeses, Extra Hard Grating Cheese, Hair Cream, Kajal, Face Pack, Glycerin Toilet Soap, Liquid Toilet Soap, Transparent Toilet Soap, Clean Cook Stoves and Cooking Solutions, Industrial Safety Helmet Hessian Jute Bags for Rice and Pulses, Hessian Jute Bags (Laminated/Inner Liner) for Poultry Feed and Fish Feed, Hessian Jute Bags for Packing 30kg Food Grains, Jute Bags for Packing 50kg Food Grains, Textile Light Weight Jute Sucking Bags for Packing 50 kg Food Grains, Nonwoven Wipes, Silk Fabrics, Synthetic Mosquito Nets, Towels & Toweling,Lead-acid traction batteries, single phase motors and toothbrushes.

When asked, BSTI official Moinuddin Mia told Prothom Alo that in the council meeting it was decided to bring 37 new products under the scope of mandatory quality certificate. Notification in this regard will be issued soon. Only then will it be effective.

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