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    Blockchain-Metaverse Games: The Game-changer Gaming Trend Expanding the Horizon

    Between delayed game releases, experiments with advanced technologies, and gaming trends, the past three years were like a table setting for the video game industry. Video game development is no longer a hobby; it is now mainstream entertainment worldwide.

    Similarly, concepts like blockchain gaming and ‘Metaverse’ are no longer hollow buzzwords. Giant companies are investing to turn these concepts into reality. Game studios are partnering with the blockchain development company to become relevant in the market. Blockchain-metaverse games are turning into the most fascinating combination of video games.

    • The global gaming market will reach $256.97 billion by 2025, surfing through the major gaming trends. (PR News Wire)
    • The global video game market will hit $339.95 billion by 2027. (Mordor Intelligence)

     It is clear that video game companies worldwide are out of their equilibrium. The future of the video game industry is not cloudy anymore. Amid the rush, developing feature-rich and quality blockchain-metaverse games can accelerate the revenue growth of game studios. So, hold on tight! 2023 will seem like a wild ride for gamers and game developers.

    Blockchain Games: A Loud Change in the Horizon

    Cryptocurrency is not just the only scope for blockchain coming to the front. Blockchain is not about just money. It is much more. This disruptive technology revamps the video game industry, making games more transparent, immersive, and captivating.

     The blockchain video game market will touch $65.7 billion by 2027. (Markets and Markets)

    Apart from being a potent gaming trend, Blockchain technology showers benefits on the video game industry:

    • It ensures a secure ecosystem for both game developers and gamers.
    • In-game purchases have become safer than before.
    • It has brought transparency to the game asset ownership.

    For a well-constructed and exciting blockchain game, gamers always place real value on intangible digital collectibles. Gamers can download video games in multiple versions from any remote location and enjoy the gameplay. So, blockchain game is no longer behind the scene or hype. The video game industry is an experimental ground. The experiments in blockchain-metaverse games are endless.

    Blockchain-Metaverse Games: The Emerging Gaming Trend

    People who keep up with recent tech news may not find the metaverse a new word. It was a brainchild and ambitious gaming idea of Meta (formerly known as Facebook). However, many large video game companies have set their goal to become more explicit regarding the connection and mingling of Metaverse and video game development.

    The most exciting part is that metaverse has been here for a decade around the games like Fortnite, Roblox, Etc. Mark Zuckerberg helped the gaming industry to pay attention to the metaverse. With metaverse on board, many video game studios plan to launch video games this year, where gamers can hang out in a virtual gaming space.

    Since Virtual Reality is a significant buzz across the video game world, metaverse remolds and revives the 3D immersive experience in a brand new way. And without blockchain foundation, metaverse games will seem drab. So, the mingling of blockchain and metaverse in video games is evident. BlockBabies is an exciting example of blockchain-metaverse video games where gamers pay to earn, followed by an immersive gaming experience.

    Once you partner with a metaverse development company, the line between gameplay and gaming experience will be getting blurry very soon. The blockchain-metaverse games will carry specific characteristics like,

    • Play to Earn
    • Portable game assets
    • Mixed Reality experiences
    • Social gaming

    Metaverse and Blockchain together are paving the way for multiple video game trends.

    The Rising NFT Craze

    The craze around the NFT gaming trend and play-to-earn games are beyond any fad.

    On the contrary, the top video game companies, indie game studios, have recently focused on NFT gaming experiments. The NFT games like BlockBabies have stormed the world with their decentralized gaming strategy and unique NFT offerings. No wonder NFT games are becoming more mainstream in 2023. Integrating immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will make the NFT games more vivid and playable. So, it stands, blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse are all interlinked technologies. And the combination of blockchain and metaverse within video games will thrive including the features of blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. Instead of experiencing these technologies separately in video games, gamers can experience all three in blockchain-metaverse games.

    Final Words

    For the next few years, there will seem no scarcity of trends in the video game industry. Blockchain-metaverse games are among them that will drive the gaming craze to a new height. The demand for blockchain development company is also an uprising. Amid the bustling video game design and development, blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse are the driving forces behind the existing and upcoming superhero games, warrior games, RPGs, and other games. While play-to-earn or NFTs will become a more feasible business model, Metaverse will drive massive investments in video game development and VR sales. So, blockchain, NFT, and metaverse, together are driving the video game industry to a new horizon of metamorphosis.

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