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    Best Ideas For Silverpeak Bathroom Renovations

    This time it’s decided, you’re taking on the bathroom renovations by SilverPeak project you’ve been thinking about for some time. Your priorities: functionality, durability, easy maintenance and comfort. To maximize your investment, careful planning is essential.

    It’s time :
    to define the needs of the household according to the lifestyle of each one;

    to establish a budget.

    The needs and lifestyles of family members
    Here Are Some Factors To Consider:

    The number of people and the needs of each. The larger the family, the greater the storage and equipment needs. If a member of the family has specific needs (wheelchair, walking aid) or if you are furnishing the room in anticipation of your old age, apply a few rules of universal design.

    For example, adjust the height of counters and toe kicks under cabinets and add grab bars. Consult our guide to choose a bathtub designed for people with reduced mobility, or even adapt the opening of the shower and the taps.

    Activities And Lifestyles . 

    Who will use the bathroom? The little ones? The big ones? Depending on the users, determine the storage and equipment needs. If more than one person uses the bathroom at the same time, arrange the space accordingly. It is very likely that you will opt for two sinks, two mirrors, etc.

    The Storage . 

    Hair products, hair dryer, make-up, towels, washcloths… Even if the bathroom offers limited space, several objects must be stored there. Pay particular attention to cabinet storage and configuration.

    The Budget And The Work

    The renovation of the bathroom comes with its share of work to be carried out and equipment to be purchased. When developing your budget, plan for the following:



    cabinets and counters or vanity

    sinks and faucets

    painting and finishing

    the floor covering

    sanitary appliances


    tidying up

    Decoration And Accessories.

    Some major or specialized work requires the services of a qualified professional (an electrician, for example) and entails sometimes significant additional costs. Now is the time to plan for them. Arrange the room

    A well-thought-out bathroom allows everyone to move easily between counters and sanitary appliances. A trick: arrange the room according to zones, in order to meet your needs and your tastes.

    A Well-Divided Bathroom Has The Following Areas:


    Z one arranged around the toilet . Ideally, this area will be in a less visible part of the room. The trend: separate from the rest of the room, either by walls and a door, a partition, a half-wall, etc. To be comfortable, calculate 30 in. on each side and 30 in. to 40 in. in front. Add storage for toilet paper rolls, tissues, etc.

    Area for shower and bath . Whether they are separate or not, and whatever the type or shape of the bathtub, calculate an accessible perimeter of at least 60 in. long. Allow 30” in front of the tub for easy entry and exit. Arrange a cupboard or shelves to store towels and washcloths, soap and other body care products.

    Zone arranged around the washbasin . Regardless of the type of sink – vanity top, pedestal sink, or in-counter sink – calculate an 8” clear space on either side of the sink. 32″ or 34″ high counters are suitable for wheelchair users and smaller people.

    Add a mirror and light fixture that provides enough light to make morning grooming, makeup, and shaving easier. Integrate storage for all toiletries, washcloths, makeup remover pads, skincare products, etc.

    Everywhere in the room, allow a space of at least 36 inches to circulate. Avoid installing cabinets less than 36″ from the rim of the tub or podium pedestal, if applicable. If a family member travels with a wheelchair, allow a minimum of 60 in. between the elements to allow circulation.


    Successful lighting adapts according to natural light and the needs of the people who use the bathroom. Provide lighting in “layers”, that is to say:

    General lighting . Adjustable and adaptable lighting according to the natural light that changes throughout the day is essential. Recessed lights, pendants and track lights with dimmers provide this type of lighting;

    Specific lighting . Make sure you have a light source near the tub and shower to ensure good visibility and increase safety. Near the mirror space and the washbasin, it facilitates make-up and washing;

    Decorative lights . Add ambiance!

    The Universal Design

    Here are some things to plan for to live better in your home and take full advantage of your bathroom during your old age:

    outlets and switches installed lower, more wheelchair accessible;

    a minimum of 60 in. distance between the various elements, such as counters and sanitary appliances, to circulate with a wheelchair or with a walker;

    faucets with motion detector;

    32” or 34” high counters, which are suitable for smaller people or people who move around with a wheelchair;

    more drawers than cupboards; they are easier to maneuver;

    grab bars near the bath, toilet and in the shower;

    adapted sanitary appliances: bath with side door, shower without rim and large enough to enter with a wheelchair, seat in the shower and near the bath, etc.;

    suitable and sufficient lighting;

    non-slip surfaces on the floor.

    Once the needs have been established and the space has been configured, draw a plan to scale indicating the plumbing, electricity, sanitary appliances, windows, doors, etc.

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