Balboa church changes names and services


Things have changed since 1962, when Balboa Avenue east of Genesee Avenue was just a dirt road. Founded in that year, Balboa Avenue Alliance Church has seen the former road evolve into a six-lane state highway and has elected to initiate change of its own.

Starting this month, the church will change its name to Balboa Community Church, a change that church leaders feel will better reflect the church’s commitment to the community.

In addition to its name, the church will incorporate a different service schedule. There will be two Sunday morning services: a contemporary praise service at 9 and a more traditional worship service at 10:30. During the contemporary service, Sunday school classes will take place, and children’s church, and youth and adult discipleship groups will meet during the traditional service.

In both services, Pastor Dr. Stephen Grunlan, a former professor of evangelism at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, will bring a series of messages on how Christians can know what they believe is true. Topics include, “God: Religion or Reality?,” Jesus: A Man or More?,” “Bible: Fact or Fiction?,” and “Suffering: Is God Helpless or Doesn’t He Care?”

Located two blocks west of the 805 Freeway on Balboa Avenue, the church has a preschool, K-8 Christian Day School, an extended-care program and AWANA clubs for boys and girls. For more information, call (619) 278-6266.

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