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    Attorney who represented Mt. Soledad Cross chosen as ŒGood Samaritan Award¹ recipient

    Charles LiMandri, the attorney who has worked pro bono to help save the Mt. Soledad Cross, has been selected the recipient of the first monthly ³Good Samaritan Award² presented by Good News, Etc. newspaper.

    He will receive four tickets to the House of Blues Sunday Brunch in downtown San Diego. The person who nominated him, Anne Subia, also receives four tickets.

    Nominations are being accepted through Oct. 10 for next month¹s ³Good Samaritan Award.²

    ³Mr. LiMandri is a perfect first person to be honored,² said Rick Monroe, newspaper editor. ³His dedication to saving the cross is monumental and he is so deserving to be selected.²

    ³I just hope his accomplishments won¹t deter other nominations for next month,² Monroe added. ³We want to know about other ŒGood Samaritans¹ – people who help the homeless, who are mentors, or are helpful in other areas.²

    LiMandri said his firm has put in over $750,000 in pro bono hours into defending the cross in the past 27 months. Why?

    ³First, as a native San Diegan, who has considered this City my home for over 50 years, the Mt. Soledad Cross is a treasured landmark that has become woven into the tapestry that represents our rich culture and history,² he explained. ³Second, it is a fitting universal symbol of the sacrifice of our heroic veterans who paid the ultimate price for our precious freedoms.

    ³Third, it is an eternal symbol of comfort and hope for those of us who believe that our friends and loved ones did not die in vain, but rather for something much larger than themselves. The cross is a symbol of the victory of life over death and the expectation that, if we are worthy, we will see our departed loved ones again, and in a much better place.

    ³Fourth, I have five young children and I want them to have the same opportunities that we have had — by allowing them to grow up in a community that still values the principles and ideals that the cross represents — and that our brave veterans fought hard to preserve.

    ³Finally, I do not believe that the non-constitutional notion of Œseparation of church and state¹ requires that one profess that Œlove of God¹ and Œlove of country¹ are mutually exclusive. Rather, I believe, as did our enlightened Founding Fathers, that these virtues are fully co-dependent. As President Ronald Reagan said, when we cease being ŒOne nation under God,¹ then we will be a ³nation gone under.² In fighting to save the Mt. Soledad Cross, we are fighting to preserve a fully constitutional, multi-faceted, fully-integrated, world class war memorial…and we are fighting to save the heart and soul of our country.²

    For the next 12 months, Good News, Etc. would like to recognize people who are doing acts of kindness. The rules are easy. Submit your nomination by the 10th of the month for it to be considered in the next edition. For example, Oct. 10 for the November paper. Include your name, address and phone number, as well as the person you¹re nominating. Include about 150 words why you think this person is deserving of the ³Good Samaritan Award.²

    We¹re looking for Christians who are serving in their community, from feeding the poor to helping the sick and elderly. Judges – the staff of Good News, Etc. – will consider both a special one-time act of kindness and continued service in that area.

    ³There are thousands of Œgood deeds¹ happening daily in the county and we want you to be our eyes,² said Rick Monroe, editor. ³Most of the people aren¹t looking for publicity, but we want to recognize them.²

    Please, one entry per person per month. Nominations should be of people doing volunteer work and not being paid for their duties. Please submit entries by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail to ³Good Samaritan Award,² c/o Good News, Etc., P.O. Box 2660, Vista, CA 92085.

    People are not allowed to nominate themselves. Winners agree to have their photo taken for Good News, Etc. and to be recognized by the House of Blues.

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