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    Ananya’s bag cost 6 and a half lakh!

    From clothes to accessories, everything about Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey catches the eye of the audience. The actress posted a few pictures on Instagram a few days ago.

    However, the small bag in her hand caught the attention of netizens more than the dress.
    It can be seen in the picture, Ananya is wearing a pink blazer, holding a small golden bag in her hand.

    The actress captioned it, ‘Life is plastic, it’s awesome. All this was right. But after the price of the bag became public, the emphasis became a practice.

    According to a report by, US luxury brand Judith Leiber has created the bag. Gold has been used to make the bag. Currently, the price of this bag is 5 thousand 995 US dollars. More than 6 lakh 49 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi currency.

    Actor Chunky Pandey’s daughter Ananya Pandey made her Bollywood debut in 2019 with the movie ‘Student of the Year’. His last released movie was ‘Liger’. It stars Vijay Devarakonda opposite her.

    Bangladesh Time: 1643 hours, May 11, 2023

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