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    All About Camping in Rishikesh


    The true grandeur of nature can only be appreciated while sitting by a warm fire in the middle of a cold, dark night and watching the brightest star. Camps and bonfires are an exciting possibility for a traveller in Uttarakhand. Consider camping in Rishikesh and immerse yourself in a variety of pursuits.


    The camps in Rishikesh are the perfect place to spend a day or two because of their well-kept surroundings, panoramic vistas, and unbroken valleys. These accommodations provide basic amenities, delicious food, and a variety of activities that have been carefully selected to make your vacations exciting. A weekend camping trip in these locations might be the finest deal you can get!


    Rishikesh is known for its camping because there are so many outdoor activities and tourist attractions around. There are many activities and day trips you may do while organising your camping trip near Rishikesh to get the most out of your brief vacation. One of the most thrilling activities to do while planning rafting and camping in Rishikesh is river rafting. Other exciting activities include body surfing, cliff jumping, bonfires, indoor volleyball, and badminton.


    Camping in Rishikesh is more enjoyable because there are so many things to do and a perfect place to live surrounded by nature.


    Ideal Season to Visit


    The best time to go camping in Rishikesh varies depending on the season. It is advised to go between early March and the first week of May and late September to mid-November. To avoid unnecessary headaches, avoid the monsoon season. Additionally, the Ganges River rapids are on the rise, making it prudent to avoid the water during this time.


    Ideal time frame: two days and one night




    Let’s start with Delhi, which is the largest city close to Rishikesh, as our starting point. The most practical way to get from Delhi to Rishikesh is by taking a Volvo bus, which departs from ISBT Kashmiri Gate.


    Day 1: Arrival, Trek, and Safari Day


    After a captivating nighttime travel, arrive at the camp and immediately proceed to the camp. There, you’ll find a delicious breakfast and tea. While getting ready for the big day, take in the surrounding beauty of nature or get some rest. The following activity is a jungle safari! You can travel in a 4×4 open jeep to the Vindhyavasini Mata Temple and the neighbouring jungle in the Rajaji National Park.


    Take a quick jungle trip into the deep forest to experience the best of the rainforest. As you approach the Neergadh Waterfall, expect a rejuvenating atmosphere and breathtaking vistas. Good food and refreshments are waiting for you at the camp when you get back. a night time bonfire with musical games and indoor board games. Stay the night at the camp.


    Day 2: River Rafting Day


    River rafting in the Ganga river is popular near Rishikesh. The river, which features thrilling rapids, is the ideal location for thrill-seeking adventurers. After a substantial breakfast, proceed to the rafting location beside the Ganga river where organisers will provide you the rafting gear you need.


    As the light comes out from behind the mountains in the morning, take in the dawn. After the dinner, proceed to the rafting location. The most well-known of them all has grade 2 and 3 rapids, and is called Shivpuri Rafting Point. Popular rafting spots in Brahmpuri include Marine Drive and Kaudiyala.


    Pay attention to the advice given to you by your guides. Start out slowly and savour the adventure as you raft alongside the raging rapids. The vacation comes to a close with a departure for Delhi about 4 pm.


    Water rapids’ characteristics and the challenges they present:


    Grade 1: Tiny waves without any impediments in their path. Ideal for families and novices, easy

    Grade 2: Simple sentences with a hint of adventure. medium level

    Grade 3: High, erratic waves with few channels. This rapid is challenging and requires careful manoeuvres.

    Grade 4: This place welcomes you with strong waves that are challenging to handle. It’s essential to have good manoeuvring abilities and precision.

    Grade 5: You will find this area to be exceedingly busy and challenging to navigate. The rapids are rough and jam-packed.


    Rapids grade division: Kaudiyala 4 plus, Marine Drive 3/4 plus, Shivpuri 2/3 plus, and Brahmpuri 2/3 plus.


    Getting To Rishikesh


    By air: At a distance of 35 km, Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Rishikesh. Rent a car to get to Rishikesh from the airport. Additionally, you have the option of taking one of the Uttarakhand Roadways buses that depart from the bus stop near the train station.


    By train: The closest train station to Rishikesh is in Haridwar, which is 25 kilometers away. Numerous buses and taxis travel between Haridwar and Rishikesh.

    By bus: Rishikesh is well connected to the areas close by, including Delhi. The NH 58 highway connects the two locations and provides a great driving route for the 6-7 hour trip.

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