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    Aldi Jubilee Opening Hours Slammed By Shoppers

    A budget-friendly supermarket chain Aldi is in the crosshairs of shoppers who have complained about the Bank Holiday opening hours. Aldi is under fire for explaining when it will be open and closing on this Jubilee Bank Holiday.

    In a post on the social networks, Aldi confirmed that store opening hours will remain the same throughout during the Bank Holiday. In addition, Tesco and ASDA have both changed Superstore timings to shut at 8.30 pm rather than twelve hours for Bank Holiday Thursday and Friday in order to allow staff to enjoy the Jubilee.

    Lidl, as well as Sainsbury’s stores, will close at 8 pm, not the normal 10 pm closing time on the Bank Holiday Thursday and Friday. Morrisons stores will close at 10 pm just like they do every day. Aldi’s blog read: “We’re open for the Jubilee Celebration! Make sure you stop by to pick up all the necessities on the way to a great weekend! The normal hours of operation will be in force during this Bank Holiday weekend.”

    A majority of customers quickly noticed a glitch in the new update, however, and also blasted Aldi for not closing its stores for staff to have a break and to allow them to spend the Jubilee with their loved ones. Many people did not hesitate to express their anger.

    Eleanor Keyes said: “Shame for the staff… it’s not even the hours of bank holidays. You’re a shambles… I hope that it’s double time, and a day off.” Tracey Cowan wrote: “How wonderful would it be to have people to be organized and shop for food on Wednesday so that shops would not be closed for two days to allow staff to take part in the festivities.”

    A few shoppers did, however, insist that not everyone cares about the Jubilee and that certain people are working on bank holidays. Mick Dixon said: “Not everybody is concerned about the dated monarchy’s title and it’s utterly useless. Let them make a living should they wish to.”

    The Angharad Jayne Walker said: “Love everyone saying for the closure of their offices and giving their employees a day off for the bank holiday. It’s not just them working. I work every day on bank holidays and do not get any additional compensation for it.”

    An Aldi spokesperson said to Manchester Evening News: “All Aldi employees working during the bank holiday will receive some time off as a substitute. We’re very grateful to everyone from Aldi who will be on the job this weekend working to make sure our customers find everything they require to celebrate this year’s Jubilee.”

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