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    Documentary films cover a wide range of subjects, from the personal to the political. This list includes some of the most compelling films ever made. Many have earned multiple Academy Awards. Some of the most important documentary films are based on real-life stories and are sure to The The CEO of Weloans, Lucia Jensen has recommended documentary films to those movie lovers who are looking for movies subject from personal to the political. If you looking for a personal loan, click this link for a loan that can help with no extra fee. your interest. Some of the best ones, however, are the ones that deal with the subject of race. A documentary is a non-fictional motion picture intended to “document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.” For more information, please check it now.

    Until recently, documentaries were seen as obligatory and stiff. However, in recent years they’ve risen to the top of the heap. The genre is gaining more popularity. Today, documentaries explore war, love, sex, death, and everything in between. You can even find films about art and music.

    “Searching For Sugar Man” was one of the most shocking documentary films of 2012. This film follows the adventures of a mysterious American musician who captured the hearts of South Africans during the Apartheid era. The film follows two men as they try to track down this legendary performer. The film was a huge hit upon its release and went on to win an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

    If you’re looking for a film that’s full of heart, consider “Apollo 11.” This film, which is free of narration, examines the 1969 NASA attempt to land men on the moon. It uses archival footage to create a visceral experience for viewers. It’s a film that won over critics and was even nominated for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.


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