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    Abortion Is Not Only Murder, It Could Be Racism!


    Earlier this year I went to the annual Right to Life League Education Conference in which among the many interesting workshops was one that covered racism and abortion, by Hispanics For Life. I was already familiar with the fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, held racist views. She had said in the April, 1933 edition of Birth Control Review that “Negroes and Southern Europeans were inferior to native born Americans” and that Jews and other minorities were “human weeds” and “a menace to society.” But I was unaware of the present day racism of a certain wealthy abortionist, Dr. Edward Allred of Planned Parenthood, who runs dozens of abortion centers in L.A. County.

    As one can see from Allred and Sanger’s statements, there are similarities in the urgency to take care of this so-called menace to society. Illegal immigration is a serious problem, but not to be solved by killing little children. It is as though murder is justifiable if you can reduce a person to the level of being a threat to society.

    Also the use of name calling such as human weed, blob of tissue, or parasite have been used by the pro-abortion community to dehumanize the unborn child so that it is easier for our society to accept the violence of abortion. This tactic was used by the Nazis to help legitimize the extermination of the Jews.

    The statements by Dr. Allred alone would be incriminating enough, but Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles really is targeting the Hispanic community. If I asked how many ads in English do you see in our TV guides that offer abortion services, you would probably say none. But according to our presenter from Hispanics For Life, Planned Parenthood puts as many as a dozen ads, at one time, for abortion services in Hispanic TV guides in L.A. County. I do not believe that our presenters were being extra sensitive or paranoid. Approximately 102,000 Hispanic babies die by abortion each year in California.

    It is enough to say that abortion is an act of murder, but now added to that charge is racism. Margaret Sanger’s hope to produce a “race of thoroughbreds” that are not “genetically inferior” certainly is not confined to those who are openly racist. It is practiced when parents abort a child because the child may have a physical or mental defect. They see the child as a threat to their happiness or security, not unlike the racist rhetoric we abhor in the Ku Klux Clan, the Nazis or Dr. Allred. If our society’s values reflect the survival of the fittest, then sadly we will have to look over our own shoulder, wondering if one day someone will find us worthless or a threat.

    To some it may seem so reasonable, to produce or preserve the so-called superior race, but with Christ he makes no distinction when he says “when you did it to the least of these you did it unto me.”

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