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    A Mechanic Ruined My Dream And Possibly In My Life.

    For a decade I’ve been working on my step van to make it reliable and awesome. I finally could afford the big stuff so I took it to a reputable diesel shop. We agreed on $20k for engine pull, re seal, gauges, new nv4500 and shocks. Rear end too. They had it for 3 years and yesterday as I went to pick it up they say $37k. I went white. They were trying to rob me. After calming down I informed them that any repairs over 100$ must be in writing and singed by both parties. I also informed them that they’re attempt to lie about how much I had paid was blatant and not respectable at all. They said I paid 15 but I had paid 21 and I proved it.

    I was supposed to move into the van yesterday. As I drove it away from the shop I got 50 miles. The trans blew. I’m broke and homeless and this shop kicked me when I was down. I’m friends with their family! Wtf! I’m going to talk to a lawyer friend. I have solid proof of payments.

    I’ve been a vagabond my whole adult life. This was how I was going to travel sustainably as I get older. It was going to be a food truck for festivals. I don’t have the energy to fk with it any more. I’m just so sad. It was supposed to be the ultimate rv.

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