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    6 Trends that will Change the World of Technology in 2020

    Technology keeps on evolving and astonishing us. Every new release in the world of tech takes us a step closer to the Matrix life. Or makes us believe that Black Mirror depicts the world that we will soon be living in very well. The world has already been introduced to 5G. With everything becoming Internet-based, I wonder if I will even need the spectrum mobile payment and plans in the future.

    While there is nothing much we can say about it, here are some tech trends we will see in 2020:

    AI in Manufacturing

    AI is part of our everyday lives now. From Siri to Alexa, the smart speakers are a genius work of AI. 2020 will be a year when AI will advance a step further. You will get to witness computer vision and emotion recognition. The features will facilitate the manufacturing industry.

    Already a couple of startups in the States including Osaro, Vicarious and Kindred are making use of AI in their projects. For example, Kindred is taking the help of AI to automate part of their distribution process for apparel brands including GAP. On the other hand, Vicarious is attracting investments from Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.

    Internet of Things in Practice

    Although IoT has been quite popular for some time now, the technology did not reach scale due to certain limitations. The introduction of 5G will fix this as well. Several connected devices are said to increase with 5G becoming available to more and more people.

    Prominent companies have already started launching apps that make use of IoT. For example, the recent introduction of Amazon Go by Amazon. This app makes use of IoT apart from machine vision technologies. Hence, ensuring that customers do not have to opt for a manual checkout when shopping.

    Shortly, you will come across more vision technologies and sensors. Many startups including Standard Cognition, AiFi, and Accel Robotics have already started doing so. They are providing similar services like that of Amazon Go.

    AI Chips

    The year 2020 holds significant importance in the development of AI chips. After years of experimenting, AI chips are now in a usable stage. However, the use of these chips remained confined to small-scale applications. This year large-scale implementation of AI chips is making rounds. Hence, a crucial year for the experiment.

    These AI chips on the edge will be specialized and come at a lower cost than before. Get ready to experience a completely different world soon. Edge computing will change the way you looked at computers until now. New applications will be a possibility with larger AI models and better sensors.

    Commercialization of Quantum Computing

    2020 is going to be the year when the quantum-computing era will begin. Due to the increase in data, quantum computing will target the biggest problems that the industry faces. Among the many sectors that can benefit from this are energy and health care.

    For example, handling big data will help with cancer treatments, DNA analysis, and nuclear energy control. Prominent corporations including IBM, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, and Intel have already started incorporating quantum computing. Amazon Web Services will make the use of this technology easier by the mid of 2020.

    Evolution of Aerospace Technologies

    Mankind might return to space this year. Cold War brought with it a major disadvantage among many others – the slowing down of technological advances. However, SpaceX and Blue Origin are among a couple of companies that are making efforts in aerospace advancements.

    SpaceX is working on developing a rocket – Starship. This rocket will reuse the entire vehicle’s body. The rocket is believed to shorten the intercontinental trips to just 20-30 minutes via space. China is also playing a part in making progress in space.

    Evolution of Healthcare

    Digital health care has come a long way since the inception of its concept. Genome analysis is another breakthrough technology in healthcare that will be a possibility in 2020. This technology helps in learning about a disease and providing prevention methods for it. Japan and Korea are already making use of it. However, there is room for an immense amount of improvement in his field.

    The evolution of AI will bring about these improvements. Because Ai will help ensure the improved quality of the treatment. For example, many medical procedures including CT scans, X-rays and MRIs will rely on AI for a better diagnosis.

    The new era of the Internet with 5G is also something that the world owes to AI. I do not think I will need my Spectrum Maine Internet if I fast forward my life a couple of year unless it goes 5G. This new technology will perhaps replace home Wi-Fi, who knows. Anything is possible in the world of constantly evolving tech.

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