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    5 Tips To Help Spice Up Your Love Life

    Do you often feel like you are in a rut? Are you looking for something new to spice up your love life? Well, here are useful 5 tips to help spice up your love life immediately.


    1. Send Flirtatious Messages Anytime


    Interests and turn-ons may change with time. Therefore, you need to come up with a sexy and flirtatious space to help explore these things with your partner. You can’t go wrong with playful texting or using new apps to bring a novelty element to your messages by using these apps for flirtatious communication.


    It’s a great way to play around and add a mystery element to your communication. It’s the best way to make regular days exciting, especially if you are using a secretive messaging app. Imagine if your partner shared a provocative photo when you least expect it.


    1. Mix Up Your Date Nights

    You need to have time for date night, either spontaneous or planned. You don’t necessarily have to get ready for the date together or arrive to the destination together. You can always mix things up a bit. It’s exciting to meet up with someone after work or at a hotel where your partner is waiting.  A simple knock on the door allows you to enter an exciting fantasy world with your partner.


    Even during lockdown, you can bring out various date night aspects by mixing thing up. When your partner returns from errands, you can initiate something playfully. You also need to make time for fun and enjoyable experiences with your partner. You can dim the lights and turn on the music to make some amazing cocktails together.


    1. Dabble With Role-play (Consent Needed)

    Role-play, if done with consent from both parties, can be fun. If this is your first time doing it, you can use an app to come up with ideas. If you want to start role-playing with your partner, you need to keep things playful and always express your interests in a fun way.


    It’s easy enough for people to wobble in a relationship if they feel that their partner is bored of their sex life. They may even start looking outside the relationship for inspiration. It’s important to approach the subject in the best way possible. For instance, you can start by mentioning what you would love them to wear or try out. Don’t rush into bringing other people into the relationship.


    1. Share Your Fantasies Before Acting On Them


    Remember, spicing things up in your relationship doesn’t mean you need to jump into orgies and kinky experiences. It may be as simple as mixing things up a bit. For instance, you can try initiating sex in a different room, experiment with more foreplay, join your partner in the shower or anything else you haven’t tried before. Even better, you can start by sharing your fantasies.


    You need to create a safe space where you can do this effortlessly. Try discussing fantasies over a glass of wine or giving each other sensual massages. People may often feel embarrassed about fantasies like being a London dominatrix. Therefore, you don’t need to be alarmed if you are not turned on by what your partner is suggesting. Once you are completely comfortable, you will become closer. Allow your curiosity to develop.


    1. Add Some Danger


    You can easily spice up your sex life with quickies, high-thrill sexual acts and some danger. It’s a great way to mix things up. In most cases, even thinking about thrills and experimentation of new things is a huge turn on for most people. It’s an ideal way to create a thrill for yourself and your partner. It’s a great bonding experience and erotic memory. The best way to go about thing is to find out if you are establishing a pattern or a one-off things. You can do it for the challenge and do it more often if it’s a genuine turn on for both of you.

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