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    5 Romantic Tourist Attractions in Semarang, Perfect for a Weekend with Doi!

    Travel is a place to unwind after facing so many busy routines. For those who have busy jobs, traveling can be the most effective medicine. The city of Semarang is one of the cities in Central Java, as with other areas, Semarang also has many tourist objects that you can visit with your partner and family.

    Here we will discuss 5 romantic attractions in Semarang

    1. Swamp Dizziness

    Rawa Pening is a natural lake located in Semarang. This lake has an area of ​​2,670 hectares. If you are here, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a mountain view that is so beautiful.

    The mountains that appear when you are in this lake are Mount Merbabu, Mount Telomoyo and Mount Ungaran. This place is a romantic place that you can visit with your partner. Because on the edge of the lake there are seats for visitors.

    2. Clear Eling

    The next romantic tourist destination that you can visit with your partner is Eling Bening. Eling Bening is very suitable as a tourist spot with your doi.

    Eling Bening presents beautiful mountain views, here you will see views of Mount Merbabu, Andong, Telomoyo and Lake Rawa Pening as well as expanses of green rice fields.

    In addition to a panoramic view that spoils the eye, here provides various facilities specifically for visitors, such as swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, outbound, camping ground and meeting rooms.

    3. Umbul Sidomukti

    For those of you who like to take a bath, you can make Umbul Sidomukti your tourist destination with your partner. Here you can bathe in the swimming pool that has been provided, while enjoying the natural beauty that is so beautiful and original.

    Not only that, you can swim while facing the view of the mountains, the cool air adds to your sense of comfort while on vacation here.

    4. Kopeng Gunung Sari Agrotourism

    The next romantic tourist spot that you can visit is Kopeng Gunung Sari Agrotourism. Here lies a flower garden that is so beautiful. When you are here, you will enjoy views of flowers combined with views of the mountains that make you comfortable, guaranteed to be right for you and your partner.

    Not only that, you will feel the cool air while on vacation here, thus adding to the enjoyment of being in this flower garden.

    5. Marina Beach

    Semarang is a city that has several coastal areas, here there is a beach that is suitable for you to enjoy the sunset with your partner. On this beach you can see the charm of a clean and clear sunset, besides that you can also visit the mangrove forest which is also in this area.

    So for those of you who want to go by boat, there are also many boats that you can rent to take a walk on the sea with your partner.

    Those are some romantic places that you can go with your doi, hopefully it will be a reference for your vacation with loved ones. ***

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