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    3 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Pekalongan, Central Java, which are Hits and Popular

     Pekalongan is a city in Central Java which was formerly the center of Pekalongan Regency on the North Coast of Central Java Province .

    However, currently Pekalongan is an independent municipality within the Province of Central Java . This city has the most important port in Central Java , besides that this city is famous for its batik and tourism objects.

    Here are 3 recommendations for tourist attractions in Pekalongan , Central Java , which are hits and are the most popular:

    1. Lake Al Kautsar

    This tourist attraction is located on Jl. Raya Kayugeritan, number 1, Kebun, Karangsari, Karanganyar District, Pekalongan Regency .

    Even though the name is Danai, this is not an ordinary tour that you might have visited.

    In this Al Kautsar Lake tourist attraction you will find something that tourists can use to swim.

    These pools are right near the Lake which uses the water supplied from the Lake in a very unique way.

    Besides being able to swim in the pools, you can also fish in the fishing ponds that have been provided.

    2. Peninggaran Payment

    This second tourist attraction is located in Besuki, Paninggaran, Paninggaran District, Pekalongan Regency .

    This tourist attraction, which just opened at the end of 2022, is known as Wow Pacalan.

    This tourist object was built in the highlands of Pekalongan so you can get beautiful views from a height here.

    This natural tourist attraction also offers lots of beautiful photo spots, coffee spots and so on.

    3. Kencana Sand Beach

    This last tourist attraction is located on Jalan Pantai, Wonokerto, Panjang Wetan, North Pekalongan District, Pekalongan Regency .

    The last tourist attraction that you must visit in Pekalongan is Pasir Kencana Beach.

    This beach is included in the list of recommendations because of its beauty, cleanliness and stunning sunset views.

    Pasir Kencana Beach has a bridge built on the edge of the beach which is very instagramable.

    In addition, Pasir Kencana Beach is equipped with various facilities such as art stages, water rickshaws, food stalls, prayer rooms and other facilities.

    Those are the recommendations for a number of destinations or tourist attractions in Pekalongan, Central Java , which are hits and popular. ***


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