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    It’s nice to spend time in a cheerful company of friends, arranging an unusual championship. Games are important not only for kids, but also for adults, because they can unite us even more. In addition, this is a great way to help new friends join the team, and not stand alone all evening at the wall.

    We have selected quite a few popular games that will allow you to have a good time. In our article you will find a variety of entertainment that trains the mind and develops the flexibility of the body. So, let’s have fun with the following games…


    1. “Mafia”
    2. “Twister”
    3. “Question or wish”
    4. “Crime scene”
    5. “Who am I?”
    6. “Black box”
    7. “Keeper of secrets”
    8. “Crocodile” with a frame
    9. “Find a way out of the room”
    10. Literball
    11. “Two facts, one lie”
    12. “I never …”
    13. “Spooky guessing game”
    14. “Guess the melody”
    15. “Do as I do! »
    16. Limbo
    17. Writing a bestseller
    18. Noah’s Ark
    19. Tug of war
    20. Treasure map

    1. “Mafia”

    Age category: 6+.
    Game type: intellectual psychological detective.
    Number of players: 5 or more.

    When it comes to games for a large company, many first of all remember the “Mafia”, which conquered the whole world and won a lot of fans. To play intelligent detective, you will need a deck of special cards that you can purchase online or draw yourself. You can also create your own card templates and order their printing in any edition. Well, if the above options are not suitable, take the most ordinary cards and agree with your friends what roles you will give them. For example: Spades – Mafia, Ace of Spades – Mafia Boss, Jack of Hearts – Doctor, King of Hearts – Commissioner and so on. To prevent players from peeping at each other, it is advisable to wear masks or bandages as soon as the city falls asleep.


    Essence of the game
    There are three sides in the game: Mafia, Civilians and Maniac. The goal of the mafia is to kill players at night and execute during the day, posing as goodies. The goal of the Citizens is to find and execute the Mafia. A maniac is a self-willed person who kills everyone indiscriminately. Characters In the classic version, there are active and passive characters. The host is a passive character, does not affect the course of the game, but coordinates the actions of all its participants. Evil characters: Mafia (consists of the Boss and his henchmen), Maniac. Good characters: Commissar, Doctor, Civilians.  Peaceful Citizens are passive players: they sleep at night, but they can vote during the day, sending objectionable people to death. The mafia wakes up at night.

    The Mafia boss chooses a victim to be stabbed. In the event of the death of the Boss, his post is taken by another mafia.
    Maniac strikes any player at night.
    The commissioner can check any player at night. If that player has been visited by the Mafia or the Maniac, the Commissar’s check scares away criminals, saving the player’s life.
    The Doctor also makes his move at night and can heal anyone (one player) by canceling the killing move of the Mafia or Maniac.

    Game progress

    The game is divided into intervals – day and night. On the first day, the Host distributes cards to the players, after which the first night begins. On the first night (at the command of the Leader), the players wake up in turn, letting him know who has what role. The mafia get to know each other and find out who got the role of Boss. All players wake up during the day. The host briefly describes the events of the previous night. For example: “The mafia struck, but the visit of the Commissar frightened off the bandits. The maniac brutally mocked another victim all night, but the Doctor managed to save the poor fellow. These hints allow players to identify the opponent. This is followed by a vote, during which each player can propose a candidate for execution. By carefully examining the arguments and the suspects, one can spot the mafiosi, as they tend to be unanimous in daytime voting. However, dexterous players know how to splurge, blaming each other during the day (but only if the execution of the ally is clearly not in danger). After the execution, the dead man’s card is revealed and everyone sees his role. Then night falls on the city and the active players make their move again. The game ends with the victory of the Peaceful, if all the Mafs and the Maniac are killed. The mafia wins when it remains in the majority. With a successful combination of circumstances, the Maniac can win, left alone with a passive player.

    In addition to the classic plot, there are many different options for the game. We advise you to choose the most creative friend with an excellent sense of humor for the role of the Lead. You can use references to various books and films in your competitions. So, for example, the story about vampires and werewolves has become popular, where the role of the Boss is played by Count Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein heals from ailments, and the Commissioner turns into Helsing or Buffy. The more friends you have, the more characters you can bring into the game, making it even more fun!

    1. “Twister”

    Age category: 3+.
    Type of game: sports competition.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    The exciting game “Twister” will give you a reason to laugh at the awkward poses of your friends, and at the same time – go in for sports, because during the game you will have to bend, stretch your arms and legs to colorful circles and try to keep your balance.

    Game progress

    The facilitator spins a special arrow, giving each player a certain pose (for example, the left hand on the green circle, the right foot on the yellow one, etc.). The winner is the player who manages to stand on the field, following all the orders of the host. If a player touches the surface of the field in the wrong place, he is automatically out of the game.

    1. “Question or desire” / 

    “Truth or Dare”

    Age category: 5+.
    Game type: recreational competition.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    One of the most popular youth entertainments abroad is the question or wish game. To determine the queue of players, you can use pointers (for example, a bottle) or pass the turn clockwise.

    Game progress

    Player A offers Player B one of two options: a question or a wish. If player B chooses a question, then player A can ask him anything. If player B chooses a wish, then player A can order anything. It is better for married couples not to play, because the questions may turn out to be too personal and tricky. Best of all, this fun is suitable for single guys and girls.

    There are different versions of this game, depending on who you play with: you can buy a game for a group of friends

    1. “Crime Scene”

    Age category: 16+.
    Game type: intellectual detective.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    A detective quiz that develops ingenuity and fantasy is a variation of the popular Danetki game.

    Game progress

    The host describes a situation (most often it is a robbery or murder), and you, using logic and imagination, try to figure out what happened. The key to the solution is always in the problem itself.

    Examples of riddles

    1) The body of a man was found in the middle of the desert, next to which lay a backpack. The man was absolutely healthy, neither hunger nor dehydration caused death. What did he die from?
    The answer: the key to the solution is the backpack in which the parachute was located, and the poor fellow died because the parachute did not open.

    2) The body of a security guard is found in the middle of the supermarket. The man was not attacked, he did not die from an illness. There was only a sign next to it. What happened?
    Guess: You’ve probably seen signs in stores that say “Wet Floor”. Obviously, the guard slipped on the wet floor and hit himself as he fell.

    3) A man was found near the sports ground, who died under mysterious circumstances. There are no visible wounds on his body. Detectives spotted a ball nearby. What happened?
    Answer: a heavy basketball, having flown out of bounds, hit the poor fellow in the head.

    1. “Who am I?”

    Age category: 6+.
    Game type: intellectual quest.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    This game has many names and you are probably familiar with it. She gained particular popularity after the release of the film Inglourious Basterds.

    Game progress

    Each participant writes a name (literary character, movie character or real person) on the sticker. The sheets are distributed to the players (the player should not see the words on his sheet) and are fastened to the forehead. When asking questions to other participants, the player must guess his character. Questions can only be answered with “yes” or “no”.

    Example riddle 
    Player 1: Am I human?
    Player 2: No.
    Player 1: Am I the hero of the movie?
    Player 2: Yes.
    Player 1: Am I spitting fire?
    Player 2: Yes.
    Player 1: Am I the dragon Drogon?
    Player 2: Yes.

    The round is won by the player who gives the correct answer by asking the least number of questions.

    1. “Black box”

    Age category: 18+.
    Type of game: intellectual quiz.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    “Black Box” is a variation of the game “What? Where? When? ”, where a black box is used instead of the classic black box. The peculiarity of the game is that all questions and answers are somewhat frivolous: they are related to sex, drinking, etc. In the television version, you would not hear such questions.

    Game progress

    The facilitator asks a question related to the item in the black box. After a minute, the players must answer the question. By the way, it is not at all necessary to use a black box, it can be conditional.

    Sample question for “CHS”
    The actors of the popular musical “Cats” attach microphones under their tights. Artists often dance and (to protect against sweat) they put THIS on the microphones. Attention to the question: what lies in the black box?
    Answer: condoms.

    1. Secret Keeper

    Age category: 5+.
    Type of game: intellectual quiz.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    This quiz will allow you to test your erudition and compete in the speed of thinking.

    Game progress

    One of the players (missing this round) suggests to the host a well-known catch phrase, proverb or saying. The host reports the number of words in a given sentence. Players must guess the phrase by asking the host as many questions as there are words in the phrase. Questions and answers can be absolutely anything. However, each answer can consist of only one sentence and must contain 1 word of the hidden phrase.

    An example of a riddle
    Host: The phrase contains 3 words. The player can ask 3 questions.
    Player: What time is it?
    Host:  Look  at the wall where the clock is hanging.
    Player: Is there life on Mars?
    Moderator: Scholars disagree  on  this issue.
    Player: Who’s to blame?
    Leading: The root  of the problem is hidden from our eyes.
    Answer: the aphorism of Kozma Prutkov “Look at the root” was made.

    1. “Crocodile” with a setup “Striptease”

    Age category: 18+.
    Type: intellectual sadism.
    Number of players: 3 or more.

    Surely you are all familiar with the Crocodile game, during which one participant silently shows the hidden word to a group of guessing players. In the fake Crocodile, the rules are somewhat different.

    Game progress

    You take an unsuspecting victim and ask her the word striptease. The rest of the participants already know about the hidden word and that there are powers of it … they don’t guess. Calling any words you want, you need to make the player dance a striptease. However, having removed 2-3 things, the victim (according to the malicious laughter of others) begins to understand that she was set up. In “Crocodile” with a double set-up, the host tells the guessing players the word, but the victim knows about the set-up in advance and puts on a whole performance with a funny striptease, after putting on as many things as possible or choosing funny underwear.

    1. “Find a way out of the room”

    Age category: 6+.
    Game type: intellectual and detective quest.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    Fascinating quests in the style of “Find a way out of the room” have become one of the most fashionable entertainment. In almost every city there are quest rooms where (for a moderate and not very moderate fee) they will put on a whole performance for you.

    Game progress

    The team is closed in an unfamiliar room, from which it must get out in a certain period of time. Players are looking for riddles and clues to various secret boxes with new keys. Having solved all the problems, the team finds the master key that unlocks the door to freedom. If you have a spacious room and an inexhaustible imagination, you yourself can come up with a scenario for the quest. Call your friends, leave tips for them and see how they cope with the task.

    1. Literball

    Age category: 18+.
    Game type: alcohol contest.
    Number of players: 2 or more.

    “Litrball” is an adult game in the style of “who outdrinks whom.” Historians argue that its various analogues have existed for centuries in all corners of the planet. Those who want to measure their ability to outdrink an opponent appeared as soon as mankind invented alcoholic beverages. They say that the ancient Greeks and Peter I especially liked such games. In the CIS countries, the so-called. “Drunk checkers”, in which instead of white and black checkers they use glasses with vodka and cognac or glasses with light and dark beer. As soon as you “eat” the opponent’s checker, you need to drink the contents of this glass and remove it from the board. More advanced players prefer Drunken Chess. For a game, silhouettes of chess pieces are drawn on the glasses with a marker.

    However, Drunken Checkers and Drunken Chess can only be played by 2 people, so we will consider the option for a more crowded company. It’s about student fun called “Beer Ping-Pong” (or “Beer Pong”).

    Game progress

    You will need plastic cups, a table, a ping pong ball and beer. Lots of beer. Participants are divided into 2 teams. The judge pours beer into glasses and places them equally on both sides of the table, lining up the glasses in a triangle shape. Competitors take turns throwing the ball into the opponent’s glass. If the ball lands in a glass, the hit player drinks beer from this glass, removes the empty bowl from the table and gets the right to re-throw. The team with the most accurate wins, having devastated all the opponent’s glasses.

    Attention: students’ favorite pastime can lead to alcohol poisoning. We advise you to take smaller glasses, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly killed liver.


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