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    12 recipes for the perfect glaze for strips

    The glaze will neither stick nor crumble! There are recipes without raw proteins and without butter. And there is such a glaze that you can make colored and draw patterns with it. In short, recipes for every taste!

    Traditionally, paska is decorated with protein glaze. It often sticks or, on the contrary, becomes too dry and crumbles when cut. We have selected for you proven recipes of glaze that will definitely succeed. By the way, here are recipes for icing without raw proteins, lush, glossy, chocolate and colored, with which you can paint the stripes.  


    Lemon glaze

    200 g of powdered sugar, 3 tbsp. spoons of lemon  juice .

    Gradually add lemon juice to powdered sugar, carefully rubbing the mixture with a spoon.

    Mint protein glaze

    1 protein, 1 glass powdered sugar, 2 tbsp. spoons of freshly squeezed mint juice.

    Finely chop mint leaves, grind with a blender or grind in a mortar, squeeze through cheesecloth folded in four. Mix the protein with powdered sugar with a whisk, add the juice from the mint leaves. The glaze will acquire a chic pale mint color and a wonderful mint aroma. Transfer to a pastry bag and apply to the pastry.


    Lush protein glaze

    1 protein, 0.5 glass each. sugar and water. 

    Pour 0.5 glasses into the pan. water, add about 5 glasses sugar and, stirring constantly, cook first on low heat, and then on a stronger one to evaporate the water until a thick syrup is obtained. Beat one egg white and, without stopping beating, gradually pour the thick syrup into the protein mass in a thin stream. Continue to beat until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The hardened glaze does not crack and keeps its shape.



    Glaze for paska without eggs

    30 g of margarine or butter, 300 g of powdered sugar, 50 g of cream, vanilla. 

    Heat the butter and cream. It is not necessary to boil, the main thing is that margarine and cream become one whole. Mix powdered sugar with vanilla sugar and butter mixture. Beat with a whisk or mixer. Apply to the strips until it hardens. As it hardens, the glaze becomes glossy, slightly translucent.


    Glaze on gelatin that does not stick and does not crumble

    200 g of sugar, 100 ml of water, 6 g of gelatin, lemon juice to taste.

    Mix gelatin with 2 tbsp. spoons of water, leave for 15–20 minutes. Dissolve sugar in the rest of the water and cook over low heat until the liquid thickens slightly, about 7 minutes. Remove the syrup from the heat and add the gelatin to it, stir until completely dissolved. Beat the mass with a mixer at high speed until white (about 5 minutes). Add lemon juice. Beat for another 30 seconds. After 10 minutes, you can cover the cooled strips with the glaze. Immediately, while it has not hardened, decorate them with sprinkles! The glaze is very plastic, lays evenly, hardens well, does not stick to the knife and does not crumble when cut even on the second or third day. The sprinkles stay on it very well. Jelly glaze can be used to decorate not only pies, but also cupcakes, cakes, and no-bake cakes.


    Glaze for paska classic “Royal”

    1 protein, 1 glass sugar

    Beat the protein with a mixer into a strong foam, then gradually add powdered sugar. Mix everything to a stable consistency. Quickly apply the glaze to the cooled cake, because it hardens quickly.


    Glaze “Simple”

    1 glass powdered sugar, 2 tbsp. spoons of liquid (milk, water, juice). 

    Add milk (or water, lemon juice) to powdered sugar. Add the liquid a little at a time until a thick homogeneous mass is formed. Quickly apply to the cooled strip, dries very quickly!


    Sugar gelatin glaze without eggs “Ideal”

    6 Art. a spoonful of water, 1 glass sugar, 1 teaspoon of gelatin. 

    Gelatin pour 2 tbsp. spoons of cold water and leave to swell for 5 minutes. Pour 4 tbsp of sugar. spoons of water and heat over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat, add swollen gelatin, stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Beat with a mixer until white (2–3 min).
    Allow to cool to a warm state. Can be divided into 2 parts. In one, add the dye: cocoa powder, turmeric or vegetable juice (juice of baked beets, carrots fried in oil, spinach or nettle juice, red cabbage juice), mix until smooth. Grease the cake with white glaze, sprinkle glaze of a different color on top. Make divorces or stars using a toothpick. Properly cooked glaze hardens within 5 minutes.

    If your glaze hardened early and you did not have time to cover all the stripes, then add 1 tbsp. spoon of hot water and mix well.

    If your glaze does not harden for a long time after application (it depends on the quality of the gelatin), then let it dry until morning in a dry, cool place.

    The glaze holds well on baking, does not deform when carried in a bag or package.

    And it absolutely does not crumble when cut. And besides, it is very tasty! It is suitable for strips, as well as for buns, cupcakes and other baked goods.


    Glaze “With two secrets”

    150 g of powdered sugar, 10 g of starch, 20 g of milk or orange juice, 6 g of oil, 1 drop of food coloring. 

    Pour powder into a bowl and mix it with starch. Add milk, stirring constantly. Perhaps a few more grams will be needed, it depends on the quality of the powder.
    A thick gruel begins to form. Then you need to add oil. If a colored glaze is required, gel food coloring or natural additives can be used. The finished glaze slowly flows from the spoon and is well applied with a brush. Orange, beet, cherry, carrot, and saffron tincture can be used as natural dyes. IMPORTANTLY! The amount of milk should be reduced by the amount of liquid dye, and the dyes themselves should be added last. The glaze shines and sets well, does not stick or crumble when cut.


    Glaze chocolate shiny “No cooking”

    100 g of powdered sugar, 2–3 tbsp. spoons of cocoa, 5 tbsp. a spoonful of milk, 1.5 tbsp. spoons of butter. 

    Mix powdered sugar with cocoa, add heated milk, softened butter, vanilla, grind thoroughly. Done! It turns out a very beautiful shiny glaze, hardens very quickly, so cook when the pastry is ready. And if it suddenly hardens, add a little more milk.


    Chocolate glaze “Without butter”

    3–4 st. spoons of ice water, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of starch, 3 tbsp. spoon of powdered sugar and cocoa. 

    Mix cocoa, powdered sugar and starch and sift into a dry bowl. Add water (cooled in the freezer), mix to a homogeneous mass. This glaze can be applied without haste, because it does not harden instantly, the baking can be hot or completely cold.


    Glaze for painting

    1 egg white, 200 g of powdered sugar, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice. 

    Sift powdered sugar through a fine sieve, add it in parts to the protein. Beat with a whisk until the glaze takes on a snow-white color. Add lemon juice and beat for a few more minutes. To draw fine lines, the glaze should be thick, and to cover the surface a little liquid. For the thickness of the glaze, add a little powder, if you need a thinner one – add 0.5 tsp of water and mix. Add water in small doses until the desired consistency is reached. Use any food coloring to color the glaze. To prevent the glaze from drying out, cover it with cling film. You can draw using a file with a cut corner.


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